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LEVEL COAT Instructions

Application Instructions

Instructions For Proper Application*
Spanish Instructions For Proper Application*

Mixing Instructions

LEVELCOATTM is available in a ready mixed formula in 5 gallon buckets and also in a dry, powdered formula in 50 pound bags. For mixing the dry formula, we suggest the following procedure:

  • In an empty, clean container put 12 quarts of clean water
  • While stirring the water, slowly add the Level Coat dry formula and continue stirring until the mixture is free of lumps.
  • Once the mixture is completely mixed, add up to 4 additional quarts of water to thin Level Coat to the desired texture.
  • When properly mixed, a 50 pound bag of Level Coat dry formula will provide 8 gallons of finished product.

Ready-mixed LEVELCOATTM is double-screen-filtered at the factory to insure product integrity and purity. To maintain the proper viscosity, we recommend that ready-mixed LEVELCOATTM be stirred to insure that any separation that may have taken place during shipping or storage doesn't interfere with a smooth, trouble-free spray-on application. Best results can be obtained by using a 1/2" drill with a paddle suitable for mixing paint or joint compound. We recommend that the blade be kept fully immersed in the product while stirring to insure that air entrainment doesn't take place. Also care should be taken to not scrape the side of the bucket which could result in shearing small particles of plastic and possibly clogging the spray nozzle.

Trouble Shooting LEVELCOATTM Application:

Should “fingering,” or spray-fan marks occur during application, we recommend that any or all of the following be performed:

  1. Increase the pressure of the pump
  2. Decrease the tip aperture or
  3. Dilute the LEVELCOATTM by up to 1 pint of clean (drinkable) water making sure that the product is well mixed after dilution
Mixing Instructions

Mixing Instrucitons

Spray Instructions

LEVELCOATTM is designed to equal the porosity difference between joint compound and gypsum board face paper, thereby eliminating the shadowing or joint photographing that becomes so apparent with side or strong lighting. While LEVELCOATTM will not fill, level or straighten uneven joints or significant surface imperfections, it will provide a smooth, even finish comparable to skim coating the wall.

To accomplish this we recommend the following:

  • LEVELCOATTM should be applied by an airless sprayer in a "cross-hatch" pattern with spray applications strokes that are at 90 degree angles (vertical to horizontal or vice versa).
  • LEVELCOATTM should be applied to a total thickness of 15 wet mils to insure optimum elimination of joint photographing
  • We recommend utilizing a tip aperture of .023 or .025 for best coverage.
  • Since LEVELCOATTM is a heavy product, we recommend the use of a heavy-duty sprayer such as Graco's Mark V or GMAX 5900HD.
  • Ready-mixed LEVELCOATTM is double screened at the factory. Many contractors have found that removing the filters from their spray equipment allows a more uniform application.
  • Undiluted, LEVELCOATTM will cover approximately 130 square feet per gallon if applied at 15 wet mils.
  • Of particular benefit is the fact that LEVELCOATTM can be back rolled if you desire a textured, "stippled" finish. If so we recommend a single-pass from top to bottom with a 1/4" - 1/2" synthetic knap roller.
    CAUTION: Due to the low shrinkage nature of the product, extra attention is necessary to insure the absence of roller marks.
  • Unlike other products, LEVELCOATTM is easily sandable, typically a sanding sponge is all that is necessary to eliminate any overspray.
Spray Instrucitons

Spray Instrucitons

We look forward to your feedback; the opinion of professional contractors is important to us. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-255-6678 after you've had a chance to apply the LEVELCOATTM or have questions about its use.


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